George Zimmerman’s “Bad Judgment”

Juror B37 commented that George Zimmerman had used “bad judgment” in killing Trayvon Martin.

Bad judgment is Anthony Weiner broadcasting images of his underwear-clad nether regions. Bad judgment is choosing Sarah Palin as your running mate. Bad judgment is getting your hair cut in a Mohawk the day before a big job interview.

What George Zimmerman did was not “bad judgment.” Taking the life of an unarmed person who was minding his own business was not “bad judgment.” It was a racially-motivated criminal act.

The only bad judgment in this case was that of the jurors.

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1 Response to George Zimmerman’s “Bad Judgment”

  1. MSC545 says:

    Actually, in listening to the juror, I think it was hard for her to even say the words “bad judgment.” There is some variant of the Stockholm Syndrome at work here, and I honestly think if she could have sex with Zimmerman she would…

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