Hail to the Twit in Chief

I’ve never been much of a Tweeter. When Twitter took wing, I couldn’t see the use of a 140-character missive other than to broadcast the location of my favorite food truck. If I had a favorite food truck.

But then hash tags began perverting the course of normal sentence structure and no event could take place without an army of tweeters ready to reduce the most complex ideas into a condensed version that makes Readers Digest look like Moby Dick.

Who could ever have predicted that the miracle of opposable thumbs would be reduced to the ignoble occupation of typing mostly banal one-liners on a tiny keyboard?

Twitter is a great platform for simple concepts.  Or as George Will responded after being targeted by a Trump Twitter attack: “He has an advantage over me because he can say everything he knows about a subject in 140 characters and I can’t.”

The first and last time I decided to use my Twitter account was at a national meeting, I found myself spending all my time taking pictures, trying to nail down pithy one-liners,  keying them in and then fumbling around with my phone to post the damn things. In the meantime, I missed 90% of what was being said and had no time to reflect upon or synthesize any of it.

Presidents go gray in office and it’s not because they’re worrying about who dissed them on SNL. It’s because it’s a dangerous world out there and they feel its weight on their shoulders.

But let’s face it, President-Elect Trump may be different. As long as he keeps avoiding those security briefings, his motto is likely to be #whyworry?

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