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The GOP’s Race to Irrelevance

John Boehner should be the biggest advocate of gun control in Washington, D.C. if for no other reason than to prevent members of his own caucus from shooting themselves in the foot. Most recent example: Representative Steve King of Iowa … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman’s “Bad Judgment”

Juror B37 commented that George Zimmerman had used “bad judgment” in killing Trayvon Martin. Bad judgment is Anthony Weiner broadcasting images of his underwear-clad nether regions. Bad judgment is choosing Sarah Palin as your running mate. Bad judgment is getting … Continue reading


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Standing Your (Uneven) Ground

Based on the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, anyone who fears they are in danger of bodily harm or death, may shoot the person they’re fearful of in self-defense. So, if I’m an African American and I have a … Continue reading

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