Standing Your (Uneven) Ground

Based on the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, anyone who fears they are in danger of bodily harm or death, may shoot the person they’re fearful of in self-defense.

So, if I’m an African American and I have a justifiable fear of some redneck cracker, I can shoot him? And if I’m a woman walking down a dark street at night and I hear footsteps behind me and I’m afraid it’s a rapist, I can turn around and shoot him? And if my husband has been abusing me for years and I’m afraid he’s going to hurt me or kill me, I guess I can shoot him, too.

Call me a cynic, but somehow, I don’t think the verdict in cases like these will be the same as in the Zimmerman trial.

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5 Responses to Standing Your (Uneven) Ground

  1. michael says:

    if you are any kind of minority person except a female, you cannot shoot a white person.

    if you are female you can shoot any person you want except it’s better if you shoot a minority person as opposed to shooting a white person. however this Does not apply if the individual involved is your husband. husbands, minority or otherwise can be shot it will provided that you afterwards say quote he was abusing me unquote.

    to summarize if you were a white woman you can shoot anybody want any time you want without fear of consequences. if you were a black woman you can shoot a black man in under some circumstances a white man but it’s better to shoot a black man if you’re a black woman. if you’re a white man you can shoot a black man but you only can shoot another white man if you have a really good reason under no circumstances are you allowed to shoot women black or white. finally if you are a black man you’re not allowed to shoot anybody you’re only allowed to run or to become a victim

  2. Paul says:

    I love your take on current events and I love your cogent, passionate writing. I only wish you posted more often.

  3. Bill says:

    Very well said!

    • michael says:

      Yes and no. Only white males and women, preferably white, are allowed to shoot. Minority women can only shoot men. Minority men are not allowed to defend themselves at all. It’s important to know which category you fall into so you don’t waste money on a gun and ammunition.

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