Why an anonymous blog? I’m usually the first to object when people don’t sign their names to their opinions and people who know me, know that I’m not shy about expressing mine. But putting out an opinion for the whole world to see is different than having a conversation over the dinner table. The fact is, we live in a society that is becoming less tolerant by the day and the opinions that I express here could have repercussions for people other than myself – so – to protect the innocent, I’ll be the CheezWhiz.


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  1. Michael Taglieri says:

    Am I right in assuming you posted this comment to Gail Collins’ column on the idiocy of Texas in today’s New York Times?

    > Texas is the only state in the union without a Mensa chapter.
    > (That wasn’t meant to be a factual statement, which does not
    > prevent its being true.) Visit CheeseFoodNation.com

    Actually, it may be true they don’t have a “chapter,” but the reason is more bizarre. The NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS of Mensa is in Texas. If you don’t understand this (I certainly don’t), send them a copy of Gail’s column and ask them why they haven’t moved:

    American Mensa, Ltd.
    1229 Corporate Drive West
    Arlington, TX 76006-6103

    (BTW, I knew this tidbit because I’m a former member, and if you’ve ever wondered what you’re missing, it ain’t much. An extremely high IQ does not mean that you’re educated, politically progressive, sensible, intellectually curious, or anything else. It means only that you once scored very high on a standardized test).

  2. CheezWhiz says:

    That’s pretty funny. I just made up the Mensa comment in response to the following from Gail’s column: “We’re currently stuck with a politics of reproduction in which emotion is so strong that actual information becomes irrelevant. Senator Cornyn, in his interview, was reminded of the great dust-up his colleague Jon Kyl of Arizona created when he claimed that 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood did involved abortions. When challenged, Kyl’s staff said the figure “was not intended to be a factual statement.”

    Thanks for the enlightenment. CW

  3. Lance says:

    not really a comment but a word of advice. You should give readers the ability to push along your blog postings to Facebook and Twitter. I only see a Twitter link on comments, not on postings.

    great postings, though!

  4. Louise says:

    ‘The most depressing line in the article is the last one: “We’ve got to find something else.” In today’s political environment of cut, cut, cut, where will the research dollars come from to find something else? My mother died of Ovarian cancer — it came on fast and there were no symptoms. Her treatment (more like torture) prolonged her life for two years. I’m tired of hearing “we can’t afford it when it comes to important research.” We’re the wealthiest country in the world and there’s enough money to do whatever is important. The question is, are women’s lives considered important enough?’

    I just read your comments on the NYT website- I had to let you know that what you wrote touched me so much. My mother also died of ovarian cancer last year. Like your mother she suffered, in her case for 5 long years. I’ve looked at your blog and, while I am not American, I agree with you on so many issues. I can’t vote in the November election but I will pray that people see sense and will vote for a cantidate that will be compassionate and will help your country to move forward.

  5. Saw your comment in the Times re Kai Newkirk’s outburst in Court. Where our nation is now troubles me greatly, and complaints don’t correct problems. I’ve focused my efforts on campaign finance reform. Let the People who fund campaigns choose the candidates! Oh, my.
    Would you give some thought to http://www.thefairelectionsfund.com, please? Right now, I think Speaker Boehner could use multiple candidates and Approval Voting.
    Thank you,

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