Karl Rove’s Stock is Down

Or at least it should be. All those big donors who gave millions to Rove’s  evil spawn –  American Crossroads Super Pac and Crossroads GPS  (the sham “social welfare” organization) –  should be having second, third and fourth thoughts about their return on investment (ROI).

Angus King, the newly elected Independent Senator from Maine, thanked Rove for all the volunteers and money he (King) raised as a direct result of the negative ads that Rove’s group sponsored in Maine.  I’m pretty sure that was not the result donors were looking for.

Nor did Rove’s obscenely wealthy patrons get what they wanted around the rest of the country.  They shelled out big bucks for a whole lotta lipstick, but in the end, a pig is still a pig.

Next election cycle, they should give their millions to the real social welfare organizations who actually work for things like peace, justice and equality.

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