God Must Be Angry With the Republican Party

What other reason could there be for Hurricane Isaac raining on their convention parade? Couldn’t be climate change – no such thing. And Evangelists are always pointing out how God’s wrath is visited upon “sinners” like gays and feminists in the form of disease and other disasters. So take heed all ye believers. God is not on the Republican team.

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1 Response to God Must Be Angry With the Republican Party

  1. Bill says:

    I think you misunderstand. The reason for the hurricane is so that the Republicans can show their compassion by providing shelter and food for the homeless to help them get through the storm. But wait! I forgot. There is no money in the budget for that. But not to worry. The free market will provide for those less fortunate. What was I thinking? Wait again! I blaspheme. I said that forbidden word: thinking.

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